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Word for the Day - 40

Again Jesus said, "Peace be with you! As the Father has sent me, I am sending you." John 20:21

This is the most prophetic instruction of Jesus. He tells us he is sending us out into the world - just as he was sent to his people by our Father.

With that sending comes the maturity of the fruit of the Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit too!

As we wait for the resurrection and Pentecost, let us prepare ourselves carefully to receive all that Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit want to give us, so that we are equipped to be sent out to embrace and love the lost - from every culture, faith (and non-faith), race and nation.

Our beloved Father will hold us by his side and supply all our needs, and keep us from all harm (Psalm 121).

Be brave and courageous and strong for the Lord our God's presence will surround us.

Let’s Pray…

  • for the Father to lead us as we step out in faith

  • for the Holy Spirit to empower us with His gifts so that we can bring in the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven

  • for courage and wisdom as we look for opportunities to serve our community and our world


Today is our final Word for the Day in our Lent 2023 series on discovering the Father heart of God. Thank you for joining us on the journey of discovering how God loves us as a Father, and how we are loved as sons and daughters.

A SPECIALLY BIG THANK YOU to each one of our contributors for time on their knees in preparation for each of the daily reflections on verses from John's Gospel.

Andrea Henderson; Brian de Smidt; Kathy de Smidt; Christine Fehrsen; Hannes Fehrsen; Mary Holgate; Jeremy Jobling


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