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Word for the Day - 3

So Jesus said, “When you have lifted up the Son of Man, then you will know that I am he and that I do nothing on my own but speak just what the Father has taught me.” John 8:28

The fulfilment of the first half of these words of Jesus is seen in Matthew 27:54 - which means we can know without the shadow of a doubt that the second half holds true: EVERYTHING Jesus does and speaks comes directly from his Father.

This is such good news for all who believe in Jesus - his life, death and resurrection!

When families are in tune with one another - the things the children do and say flow from and reflect their parents lives. When you are ‘in Jesus’ and Jesus is ‘in you’ - the same is true!

All that you say and do will also flow directly from the Father with whom Jesus has brought you to a relationship of complete intimacy.

Let’s Pray…

  • That you would be more and more ‘in Christ’, with ‘Christ in me’, so that all you say and do will be "just what the Father has taught you."


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