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Opportunities to Raise Funding

The pastorate of St John's kindly asks for your help. As you are aware the church relies on tithes, offerings, and fund raising to grow God’s Kingdom and to serve our community.

With the continued rise in inflation affecting the cost of basic amenities and services, we would like to boost our fund-raising activities to generate more income for the church.

We therefore are asking you, our church community, for ideas to generate income and if you are able to volunteer your time or services in any way to assist the church, i.e. the maintenance of the church buildings, upkeep of gardens, giving of your time to assist various charities, or volunteering to be on the fundraising team.

Please communicate with Wendy ( on Pastorate regarding any ideas you may have, and we look forward to liasing with you!

Thank you

Written by Wendy Venkatiah

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