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Word for the Day - 37

(continued from Day 36)

“Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.” John 17:11b

There's Power in the Name

Is there power in the Name of God? Can it be used to make others aware of him or to magically manipulate our wishes, bring healing, or to change a destructive or dangerous situation?

More than 5 decades ago some Christians in China were lined up against a wall facing a firing squad of several soldiers who were waiting for the command from their captain to "Fire!"

These people were to be executed and their crime: that they followed Jesus and lived their daily lives to make Jesus known. But instead of the captain giving the order to "Fire!" he suddenly said: "Put down your guns and let these people go!"

Everyone, including the prisoners themselves, was astounded! Flaberghasted! They all began praising the God whom these people served.

Meanwhile across the ocean at that very moment a group of women had been praying for these prisoners IN GOD'S NAME. And the Father who knew their need protected and answered those prayers quite dramatically.

This story illustrates so graphically the power of God's Name when it is used to show His glory, greatness and love to others. There have been myriads of similar incidents recounted throughout history. Perhaps you have such a testimony to share?

In this verse we are given the reason why Jesus asked his Father to protect his followers from the evil one. It was not only to perform miraculous signs but that our love for him and for one another should provide miraculous evidence. Evidence to a watching, longing, even critical and insecure, world that our God is the one and only God who can mend broken lives, forgive sin, love the unlovely, and bring peace to troubled hearts.

Let's Pray...

Father make us, the people of St Johns, a family united through Jesus in our love for you and for one another. May we grow in genuine service of one another, slow to anger, but quick to love and forgive as we are loved and forgiven.

Lord, as your beloved child keep my heart soft and open to always growing in love, and choosing love. 

Thank you that as I pray in your name, I experience your transforming work in my life. In Jesus' name. Amen.


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