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Word for the Day - 14

Jesus answered, “I did tell you, but you do not believe. The works I do in my Father’s name testify about me.” John 10:25

Many people followed Jesus, and in this passage, were pushing for an answer to the question, “Are you the Christ/ the Messiah/ the Promised One?” Some may have done this out of genuine interest, but others were simply trying to trap him.

All along, Jesus’ words and deeds showed that he was the Anointed One of God. There are many (then and now) who don’t believe and keep saying “prove it” and disregard all the evidence that is already there. There seems to be wilfulness in ‘refusing to believe’.

Jesus affirmed that all he did was in his Father’s name, which means the Father gave him that authority and power.

When we see Jesus and his words and deeds, we see the Father. Jesus’ life is a genuine, true, authentic portrait of the Father - a witness we can trust.

Let’s Pray…

  • that you will understand all the Father did in sending Jesus with his authority and power to fulfil this vital mission.

  • Is there anything that Jesus has told you, ‘but you did not believe?’ Take time to repent of this and ask him to help you hear the Father.


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