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St John's Fortnight of Prayer

14 - 27 January 2024

It is easier to get the concept of team work, and using your feet, and keeping your eye on the ball than it is to actually be a soccer player saving a goal for your team, when the moves have become second nature.

It's the same with prayer - we can learn all about prayer from the Bible and from the history of the church - but for prayer to be second nature in our lives is a completely different story!

In the coming weeks we are focussing on what it means to develop a life-sustaining habit of prayer in your daily life.

Join us for two weeks of prayer as we commit all that God wants to do IN his church and THROUGH his church to God in prayer.

Here are four ways you can get involved over this two week period (Sun 14th to Sat 27th Jan 2024):

1. Together in the Church - Join us for all or part of any of the following prayer meetings taking place at St John's in the Church:

9am Tuesdays 16th & 23rd January 6pm Wednesdays 17th & 24th January

2. Together ONLINE - we meet every Tuesday 7pm on Zoom to pray - join us by clicking here.

3. Virtual Prayer Room - Join us in prayer at ANY time from ANY place, wherever you are, by signing up for particular times when you will be part of the fortnight of prayer. You can sign up by clicking on the sign-up button and selecting a slot to pray:

4. Parish Praise & Prayer - We join with all the churches of St John's Parish at

7pm on Friday 19th January at Church of the Holy Spirit, Kirstenhof

Please let Sharon know if you can offer a lift or if you need a lift.


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