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News from Keegan

Dear Jeremy and St. John's

Where do I even begin in conveying my gratitude for your thoughts, messages, prayers and financial support during a really hard year. I have officially ended my 1 year at seminary in Makhanda and in some ways it still feels surreal to be home with Lindsay and my family. It’s taken me a few weeks to feel settled again, so much has happened this year and i know it will take time to unpack and make sense of all that has happened in me, through me and with me over the last 10 months. I say it was a hard; and it really was but there were also moments of delight, friendship and opportunities to participate in ministry.

I was placed at Christ Church Makhanda and I am really thankful to Rev. Vic and the community - they welcomed me like their own and gave me a home during this year. I had the wonderful opportunity of leading a student group which gave life to all of us who joined weekly. I also met some really good people at seminary and look forward to our journey together.

Yesterday I officially started my curacy at St. Saviours Church in Claremont, and I am excited to to immerse myself into this community and to discover with them the dreams that God has for this part of Gods world and how this shapes their discipleship and witness in this City and beyond.

There aren’t enough words to communicate my gratitude for your financial support this year. Lindsay and I have often cried at the sheer generosity of the people in our lives, we could not have done this year without you and your generosity - thank you thank you thank you so very much.

St. Johns will always be home to us, and we will miss you lots but please be assured of our continued prayers for you during this new season

I do hope to properly catch up with you as i settle back home

Many Blessings


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