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Men's Breakfast makes a come back!

written by Selwyn Barnes

We held six men’s breakfasts starting in August 2022. After a long absence from having the breakfast due to Covid Arthur, Selwyn, and Royston felt it was time to restart the breakfasts.

Numbers started out low but we have persisted and seen numbers increase to over 40 by the last breakfast of the year. We have also had others from the Parish churches join us and some have even started their own breakfasts.

Our guests speakers included Jeremy, Angelo, Wayne Naidoo (Principal of WPPS), Guy Axelson (AR at CCK), and Allan Smith. Each breakfast had a theme pertaining to issues of faith, prayer and men’s issues.

The proceeds of the breakfast have been given to missionary work, children’s church and for the needs of the church.

We will continue with a termly men’s breakfast in 2024 - please put 3rd February in your diary as the first breakfast of the year! You can register your interest for the February breakfast here.


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