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ASLAN Mission Week 2023

A letter from Angelo Hannival

Dear St John’s Church Wynberg

Thank you so much for your overwhelming and generous donation in support of our work and Mission Week 2023 in particular. We are blown away that you were able to give financially and stand along-side us in prayer and support for MW2023.

One thing we knew for sure was that “We wanted to STRENGTHEN what remains” and we believe that this was a firm calling from God. For Mission Week 2023 we partnered with various churches, organisations, companies, schools and communities to maximize each other’s strengths in unity to give hope to more communities and young people.

Mission Week 2023 once again reminded us of the importance of giving back, inspiring, extending and giving hope to the next generation and encouraging them not to give up on their hopes and dreams. And that even when circumstances seem hopeless – that there is a support structure which is God first, YOU, family, friends and people you trust.

Statistics during the Mission Week and snippets of every day’s doings:

We visited the below areas where we did various makeover projects and sports sessions and

we added a link for you to play of each day:


  • Throughout the week we also served community members who serve their youth in their various capacities in their communities.

  • Hundreds of young people made a prayerful decision to become a forever friend and follower of Jesus through a guided Salvation Prayer.

  • Over 1000 young people, teachers and community members received lunch packs and over 790 Bibles were handed out.

  • Just under 300 women received a P2Y (Power2You – GBV Pack).

Something that stood out for us during Mission Week 2023 was the amount of coaches and

volunteers that came out to serve in some of the most needy, vulnerable, dangerous and

deprived communities. We admired seeing our coaches’ and volunteers serve and spread God’s love so selflessly, boldly and courageously, this was just so humbling to witness and we are so thankful to all who gave their time, energy, money, wisdom and for making this vision possible.

Once again, thank you for joining with us in partnership and for your generous encouragement, prayers and financial support – it is greatly appreciated, and the Aslan international board of Trustees joins me in expressing our thanks to you.

We believe that your selfless choice to give a donation towards MW2023 regardless of the size, reflects your hopes and dreams for our nation, for our world and therefore inspires, extends and gives hope to all people. THANK YOU so very much for your selfless, compassionate and in faith giving!!!

Yours in sport, appreciation & community

Angelo Hannival ASLAN-HIS: Senior Sports Coach

Trustees: Deon Morgan, Brian Durrant, Alozie Nwankwo NPC Registration No. 170-016 NPO

“Doing what we can, with what we have to give hope

and thankful for your kind partnership.”


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