The social club was established more than 20 years ago by the minister-in-charge at the time, Allan Smith.  He realised that there was a need for the more mature members of the congregation to meet on a social level.  Myrtle, Anne and Corrie assumed leadership then and still serve in that capacity.

We meet on the second Saturday of every month in the cottage.  During the summer months we mostly go out for drives along the beach or have a picnic in one of our parks.  There are very few coffee shops in the southern suburbs that we haven’t visited.  Last month we went to Mariner’s Wharf in Hout Bay for fish and chips.  In February we had a “Trip down memory lane” where we sang songs from as far back as the 1950s.   During the winter months we organise mostly indoor activities such as Bible quizzes, guest speakers,  sing-alongs, etc. 

Most of our members have served St John’s in various ways for many years.  We may not be as actively involved now as we used to be but we remain united by that common bond which is our faith in God and our service to St John’s.

For more information and details of upcoming activities visit the St John’s website.

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