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Calling all talented/creative/artistic ladies.  In celebration of Women’s Month, we would like to honour you by showcasing your talents to the rest of St. John’s.

Please donate an item you have made or a service you are able to provide.  Examples: Handmade craft item, knitted/crocheted/sewn item, homemade delicacies (jam, biscuits, cake, etc), painting, sketch, sculpture, something you have written (poem), etc.  Services like a wash/cut/blow, manicure/pedicure, nail art, massage session, gourmet dinner, date night babysitting service, teaching someone a new skill, etc.

The list of our God given talents is endless!

Your donations will be auctioned off during the month of August.  Half of the money raised will GO into the church’s building fund and the rest of the money will be donated to an organisation involved in the upliftment and equipping of women who are less fortunate than us.

Auction Dates: Sunday 7th August, Sunday 14th August, Sunday 21st August, Sunday 28th August

How it works: Items will be on display near the notice boards, Sunday media notices and on the website.  All items will be numbered, along with a short description of the item and the person who donated it.  Each item will have a minimum bid amount.  All bids are secret.  To make a bid simply complete an auction bidding slip and place in the box provided or by clicking on the item on the website or email your bid to Sharon in the Office.  You have a week to place your bids.  Once all bids have been checked, the winning bidder will be contacted on Monday morning.

Please note: you will only receive your item once payment has been made.

Thank you in advance for your support!!!!!