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6 pm Friday 31ST August to 6 pm Saturday 1st September

St John’s Church 


Prayer will be focussed on 4 key areas and guidance provided by way of notes or suggestions:

1.             Leadership of the Church

2.             Disciple making

3.             The Mission of the Church

4.             The unity of the body of Christ 

As we tackle these four themes we will move ever outward from

•              St John’s Parish and the churches in our areas to

•              The Church of Cape Town to

•              The Church of Southern Africa,

The Church in the countries represented by the refugee communities in the Parish. 

There will be 4 stations/ spaces within the church building where various aspects of prayer will be encouraged:

•              A rhythm of prayer based on ACTS – Adoration, Confession, Thanks and Supplication

•              Creativity in prayer – writing, artwork etc

•              Reading scripture as prayer

•              Quiet contemplative prayer 

The 24 hours will start with a time of worship and a word from Ben Aldous. Keegan Davids will support Ben with input and as they lead worship together. 

The time will finish on the Saturday with testimony of what God has laid on people’s hearts during the 24 hours. 

On Saturday afternoon there will be prayer ministry for those who need personal prayer. Hannes and Christine Fehrsen will be available for this ministry. Depending on how many people sign up for the 24 hours, (which will be indicated by how well it is being supported across the Parish on the sign up sheets,) we will expand this team to include others if necessary. This will be from 2.30 to 4 pm. 

Thus the programme is as follows:

•              18h00 – 18h45 Friday 31st August – Combined praise and a word of encouragement on prayer

•              19h00 Friday to 17h00 Saturday – Continuous prayer in hour long slots

•              17h00 Saturday to 18h00 Saturday – Combined worship and sharing on what God has shared with us in the previous hours.

•              14h30 to 16h00 on Saturday – Prayer ministry to those who wish to be ministered to. In the Cottage adjacent the church. 


Each of the 6 churches is encouraged to have people signed up. It would be wonderful to have at least 6 people praying covering all the churches at any one time though this may be difficult as some have smaller congregations and have to travel further. It may be easier to achieve this during the day period as coming out at night might be either difficult or a risk. 

We will be requesting guidance notes of the important prayer topics for each of the 6 churches and The Warehouse. (It will be important to not have information overload and so loose the importance of people learning a rhythm of prayer or a creative aspect of prayer etc.) 

Practical aspects: 

Security through the night will be important. Mountain Men security company will be asked to have a car at the church as they have done in the past.

It will be important to have men in the church through the night. (Ron’s cell group men to spend the night at the church so that at least 3 men there at all times). 

Tea, coffee and hot chocolate provided. Gas heaters may be hired – to be investigated.

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