Children's Ministry at St John's


At St Johns we want to be a 'Family of families' and to display God's love and value of children. Each Sunday children are welcomed to join us during the 9:30am service for Children's Church. We start and end our mornings with the wider family in church so our children get a taste of worship and can join us for Communion. In between our children divide into age appropriate groups for learning, prayer, creativity and fun. Every third Sunday of the month is a family service. Our children remain with us in church for most of this fun short service.

We look forward each term to our Junior Youth Friday, normally on break up day. Join us for a fun afternoon for grade 3-7s. Look out for dates, times and details.

Our big event of the year is holiday club 7-11 July for grade 3-6. Lots of crazy fun to be had here, you don't want to miss out! Look out for details.



St John's Children's Church

Sundays at 9:30


We aim to be a family friendly service and welcome babies in church. There is a carpeted play area at the back of church for parents with young babies and children who need some extra space to feed, play and explore.

(Alternative space in the cottage, changing facilities?)

All our Children up to grade 6 start the morning with the wider family in church before dividing into their age appropriate groups.

Age 2-4

This little group meets in the cottage, across the courtyard from church. Sinako or Sharon have a short story time, song and snack prepared with plenty of free play time too. We understand it is hard for many little ones to leave Mum and Dad so we aim to make this a flexible group where parents and carers are welcome to stay.

Age 5-8

Our 'Scramblers' meet in their own room in the hall complex. Lindsay or Su love a good story and welcome this group to join in telling, thinking, wondering and playing out key bible stories. We want our children to get the chance for these stories to work in their hearts, for them to experience God's life changing love and truth. We like to give this group time for creating something special (plenty of paint, paper, glue, clay, beads etc) and end our time together with a feast (a simple snack) eaten together giving us a chance to serve each other and to chat.

Grade 3-6

This growing group meet in the hall welcomed by Cindy, Adie, Lynton and Janet. We spend our morning getting to grips with God's word in active and engaging ways, doing creative reflection and prayer, and catching up on how everyone is doing over a little snack.

Grade 7-10

Our Teens head straight to the pool lounge at 9:30 where Keegan and his team facilitate some great teaching and discussion based on the same theme as is taught in church. Friendships are formed as many young people meet together again on Friday nights for youth and during the week for youth cell.


All children and young people come back into church for communion at approximately 10:45am, please look out for your children so they can sit with you at this special time of the service. Any child is welcome to take communion if their parent or carer agrees (they will be given grape juice by the server). We aim to regularly teach the children about the meaning of communion and ask parents to also explain it's significance and make it a meaningful family time.

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