A cell group is a wonderful way of getting to know the scriptures, other members of the congregation, and experiencing Jesus in a less formal way during the week.  We have a few groups going at the moment, some less conventional than others.  See the details below.

David Wardle's group - Thursday's at 3.30pm. The venue is not fixed.  They rotate between members'  houses. Contact either David 0824805800, or Anne Lawton 0725996050

Begbie group - This group meets every second Tuesday at the Begbie's flat in Kenilworth.  Contact Ron on 0827761503.

Avril Bekker/Hilda Snyders group - meets at Avril's house every second Thursday.  Contact Avril on 0837799502 or Hilda on 0844848862.

Cheryl Pearce/Graham Bresick group - alternates between the Pearce's and Bresick's houses.  Contact Cheryl on 0827979920 or Graham on 0843733993.


This group is led by Ben, and will start on the 23rd August. They will meet in the cottage on a Wednesday morning at 10 and study the book of Romans. 

Healing cell

This group meets at church on the 1st Wednesday of the month at 6.00 pm.  Their main focus is praying for healing for one another.